Start from Taichung, the best and the center of Taiwan, Laiki wish to 
show you where to go, what to eat, and how to get there.

Laiki Mission

Laiki is a introducing blog for people who are interesting in Taichung and Taiwan. With the point from a local Laiki wish to provide useful and hot issues for you. Let’s Laiki together!

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Follow the hottest city trend when you visit Taichung, do something local to blend in.
Even for most of Taiwanese, Taichung is a city with delicious food. There would be some local food that worth you to give a try, but as the middle city of Taiwan, which is also blended with multi culture, there might also be some store that offers food which taste just like your hometown. Don’s resist and laiki find out the best food in Taichung!
Laiki where? This is a big lively city with lots of interesting things happening everyday. Department store? Yes. Night club? Yes. Suburb mountain? Yes. Historic site? Yes. Small but condense, everything is YES!

We keep talking about lifting ass from the earth and Laiki. But how? No worries, you can find all information that you need here. The great transportation plan would be a great start for your  smooth journey.

Some a little suggestion from locals may make your trip and staying even better in this amazing city. It always good to know something more.

Laiki Today

Everyday we Laiki a bit more.